Brett Terpstra’s interview with Rory Vaden was a gold mine, I highly recommend a listen.

Here are a couple pull quotes in no particular order that I thought were nothing other than amazing:

Successful people and top performers at some point learn to do the things they should be doing even when they don’t feel like doing them.

This is very true. Many of the people that inspire me, are great at this, and it’s really hard to be great at doing things you just don’t feel like doing.

Procrastination and indulgence are nothing more than creditors that charge you interest.

Relating procrastination to personal finance really resonates with me. “I’ll do it later” just leaves you feeling behind and you can’t catch up. Taking care of priorities before fun is one of the smartest things you can do.

The paradox principle of sacrifice:

  • Easy short term choices lead to difficult long term consequences.
  • Difficult short term choices lead to easy long term consequences.

It’s really easy to eat a cookie and grab more coffee than to go for a run and drink plenty of water each day. :-P