Chad Stovern



Hi, I'm Chad. I ocasionally write here about my interests.

When I'm not busy enjoying time with my family, I'm on a never-ending quest for self-improvement.

contact info:

chadhs linkedin professional profile
chadhs on github

my work:

Professionally, my focus is technology. I believe being a good generalist is important and enjoy helping others succeed as much as I like solving problems myself. I've worked in many roles, including:

  • Operations Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Team Lead / Manager

In addition to my day-to-day work, I'm always tinkering and building software solutions to solve problems. You can see what I'm up to and contact me here: Techcraft Labs

personal life:

Essentialism is something I value greatly.
I strive for my life to be centered around faith and family.
Talking about difficult topics in good company is worthwhile; let's get coffee soon.

"Ars longa, vita brevis, occasio praeceps, experimentum periculosum, iudicium difficile."
"Life is short, [the] craft long, opportunity fleeting, experimentation treacherous, judgment difficult."
– Hippocrates